Our Team

Ankur Attrey

Founder CEO & Chairman of Investments

Ankur Attrey’s journey in the financial landscape has positioned him as a significant figure in the global banking arena. Currently serving as the Founder CEO and Chairman of Investments at Lamer Capital Limited, Ankur’s track record speaks volumes of his strategic acumen. Acknowledged for his exceptional advisory services and an astounding success rate of over 90%, even during challenging times, Ankur aspired to unlock new possibilities in the world of finance.


Through the establishment of Lamer Capital, Ankur strengthened his commitment to providing clients with innovative financial solutions, unrivaled expertise, and a customer-centric approach that pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in the realm of wealth management and investments. In this capacity, Ankur oversees operations, defines business and operational strategies, as well as exercises rigorous oversight of internal policies and controls. A true exemplar of leadership, he has effectively led teams of Relationship Officers and Priority Bankers, solidifying Lamer Capital’s position as a financial powerhouse.


Ankur’s journey began humbly in the automotive sector, yet his trajectory has been anything but ordinary. He swiftly ascended, assuming pivotal roles that defined his expertise. From being a Team Manager at Citibank NA Dubai, where he honed his skills in investment advisory for esteemed high-net-worth clients, to his tenure as a vigilant Relationship Manager-Priority Banking and Acting Unit Head at Emirates NBD Dubai, overseeing a richly diverse portfolio.


His journey continued to thrive as the Relationship Director of Wealth Management at ANZ Bank Singapore, where he was entrusted with overseeing a significant portfolio amounting to USD 100 million. The saga of his accomplishments further unfurled at BNP Paribas Singapore, where he commanded his role as Director/Vice President with finesse and distinction. Today, his path culminates at Lamer Capital Limited, where Ankur assumes the mantle of Founder CEO and Chairman of Investments.


Ankur’s professional foundation is fortified by credentials including IBF Advanced Level 3 (Wealth Management & Relationship Management Pvt. Bank) and Client Advisor Competency Standards (CACS) from the Institute of Banking and Finance, Singapore, a testament to his commitment to constant improvement.


As a Certified International Private Banker, Ankur boasts over a decade of specialized experience in Client Advisory, with a significant part of his career centered in Singapore. His prowess extends to the domain of Structured Equity and FX Products. He has accumulated 25 years of insightful knowledge, along with a formidable network spanning Dubai, UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Middle East, Africa, and Europe.


Ankur continues to chart new paths in the world of finance, leaving an indelible mark on the industry. His passion for following world markets and keen interest in equity reflect a true visionary at the helm, guiding investors towards prosperity and financial security. Lamer Capital Limited resonates with Ankur’s unwavering dedication to innovation, trust, and enduring prosperity. This synergy of his mission and vision solidifies him as a pioneering force within the ever-evolving global financial arena, firmly etching his name into the foundation of the company.

Message from Founder, CEO and Chairman of Investments

Like our name Lamer (The sea), we believe in in–depth analysis before any investment. And like “The Sea” our strategies provide buoyancy even in tough/ volatile markets.