Our Team

Dileep Mukundan

Senior Director

With qualities characterized by high integrity, exceptional listening skills, a keen presence of mind, and unwavering attention to detail, Dileep Mukundan brings an impressive three decades of experience to the finance industry in Dubai. Out of his extensive career, 23 years have been devoted to shaping the banking landscape, leaving an indelible mark on esteemed institutions such as ABN AMRO, Emirates Bank, and Dubai Bank, showcasing his deep industry acumen.


Dileep’s expertise spans high-net-worth individuals, corporate entities, and ‘family houses,’ as he crafts bespoke solutions that seamlessly align with diverse financial aspirations. Notably, his leadership role at Band Box, where he managed substantial teams during his inaugural UAE assignment, and later as a Relationship Manager Retail Banking at legacy Dubai Bank, which eventually merged with the ENBD Group, reflects his multifaceted experience.


Since March 2022, Dileep has been at the helm of the Private Wealth Advisory division at Lamer Capital, serving as a beacon of financial guidance. Beyond catering to high-net-worth individuals and corporate entities, his prowess lies in crafting bespoke financial solutions that cater to unique goals.


Dileep’s commitment to continuous growth is evident through his pursuit of additional CISI certifications, showcasing his unwavering dedication to learning. Beyond finance, he’s an accomplished marathon runner, a passionate music enthusiast, and an avid traveler. Armed with a commerce degree from the University of Calicut and CISI-UK certifications, he has laid a strong foundation for his growth-oriented approach.


Dileep Mukundan’s enduring legacy, defined by ethical fortitude and an unyielding commitment, transcends borders and elevates his influence in the finance realm, demonstrating exceptional management skills.


Year after year, Dileep’s professional journey has been studded with accolades: certificates, trophies, and fully paid international trips—testaments to his remarkable accomplishments.