Our Team

Javed Jumani


Within the realm of Lamer Capital, Javed takes on the role of Senior Executive Officer (SEO), a position that embodies his mastery of portfolio management, wealth relationships, and strategic financial planning. With a rich history of cultivating lasting, lucrative relationships with ultra-high-net-worth individuals and corporate giants, he seamlessly weaves together trust, expertise, and mutual benefit.

In the intricate world of banking, Javed Jumani shines as a seasoned luminary with a remarkable journey spanning over 23 years in the vibrant heart of the United Arab Emirates. His path through esteemed financial institutions has left an indelible imprint on the industry landscape, driven by an unwavering commitment to excellence. Javed’s trajectory exemplifies enduring customer-centric values and profound financial acumen.

Javed’s journey in finance began at ABN AMRO BANK, Dubai, leading him to a significant role at Emirates Bank, Dubai. His ascent continued as he assumed the pivotal role of a Premier Wealth Relationship Manager at HSBC BANK, Dubai, where he maximized the premier client base and excelled in revenue generation through tailored investment products. He further enriched his expertise as a Wealth Relationship Manager in the Offshore Team at RAKBANK, Dubai. Notably, his tenure as a Priority Banking Wealth Relationship Manager at Emirates Islamic, Dubai, stands as a testament to his consistent achievement of annual budgets and unwavering commitment to exemplary customer service.

Javed’s educational journey is a testament to his commitment to continuous learning across borders. His esteemed qualifications from the prestigious Chartered Institute of Securities & Investment (CISI) in the United Kingdom include the acclaimed Certificate in Wealth Management & Investment Management, followed by the esteemed Certificate in International Introduction to Investment Award. Prior to these achievements, Javed laid the cornerstone of his educational foundation with a Bachelor of Commerce degree earned from Symbiosis College. At the forefront of the financial world, Javed’s stature as a consummate professional is firmly anchored by his distinguished educational path. These credentials not only reflect his dedication to knowledge acquisition but also bolster his resolute pursuit of excellence within the industry.

As Javed takes the reins at Lamer Capital, the global financial stage eagerly anticipates the transformative potential of his decades-long expertise and visionary leadership. Guided by an unswerving dedication to excellence and a history of pioneering innovation, his legacy emerges as a guiding beacon propelling the industry to unparalleled heights of achievement and distinction. In the midst of evolving challenges and burgeoning opportunities, Javed’s strategic acumen and visionary guidance stand poised to steer Lamer Capital into a new era of triumph, reshaping the boundaries of the financial world.