Our Team

Jayesh Chandra Gupta

Portfolio Manager & Quant Strategist

At the helm of Lamer Capital Limited, Jayesh Chandra Gupta’s adeptness as a Portfolio Manager & Quant Strategist is transforming today’s financial landscape. Jayesh channels his expertise to navigate the complexities of contemporary markets, fostering higher risk-adjusted returns.


In his current role at Lamer Capital, Jayesh draws on his background in Portfolio Management, Fundamental Analysis, Technical & Quant Analysis. His tenure is an example of strategic precision, shaping the firm’s investment strategies and charting a course toward greater performance and resilience.


Jayesh’s financial journey began as a Summer Analyst at JP Morgan Chase & Co, analyzing credit ratings for Real Estate companies in EMEA and Asia. He then joined JM Financial Institutional Securities Ltd as a Senior Associate in Equity Research, excelling in financial modeling and delivering thematic reports on Indian Automobiles/Auto Ancillaries. Subsequently, during his time at Nomura International Wealth Management, Jayesh excelled in the role of a Global Equity Specialist. He skillfully utilized both Fundamental and Technical Analysis to offer insights on stock concepts and structured products. He also designed a systematic recommendation framework using Bloomberg Quant and supported managing the Discretionary Portfolio Mandate.


Jayesh is armed with an MBA from the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, and a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology. Currently pursuing an MSc in Financial Engineering from WorldQuant University, he remains committed to his pursuit of knowledge and innovation.


Jayesh’s paper, “Tyche system: Application of Physics for Stock Price Prediction”, published in the Journal of Technical Analysis showcases his visionary thinking. His leadership triumphs include steering the Nomura IWM team to victory at the CFA-Bloomberg Hackathon, 2022. Remarkably, his victory in the North Zone segment of the CFA Research Challenge 2017-18 serves to reinforce his abilities in the field of Equity research.


As he forges ahead, driving innovation, navigating complexities, and charting investment trajectories, his impact within Lamer Capital stands as a pillar of strategic financial progression. His remarkable journey from a modest Indian town to a pioneering position in global finance stands as a testament to the might of rigorous effort, visionary foresight, and an unwavering pursuit of excellence.