Our Team

Jyoti Rajguru

Business Manager

With a wealth of experience spanning more than 16 years, Jyoti Rajguru stands as a seasoned professional in client relationship management across diverse sectors such as Real Estate Portfolio Management, Construction, and Commodities.

In her current position at Lamer Capital, Jyoti plays a pivotal role, spearheading communication, notifications, and document management for a select clientele. With an insatiable curiosity, she finds joy in exploring new realms, paralleling her appetite for staying ahead in her professional endeavors.

Jyoti Rajguru has dedicated a significant portion of her career to the Real Estate sector. Since 2008, she has been an instrumental figure, holding roles as CRM and Collection Manager in multiple real estate companies. Her extensive tenure in this field speaks volumes of her expertise and deep understanding of the industry dynamics.

Her mastery in client relations is a cornerstone of her success, driven by her ability to establish and nurture enduring partnerships. Notably, she has excelled in orchestrating the highest team collections and showcasing exceptional prowess in debt recovery. These achievements have earned her recognition, as she has been honored three times for her stellar performance as both a star performer and a team leader.

Holding a Bachelor of Business Administration, Jyoti is a consummate expert who excels in cultivating enduring partnerships with stakeholders, adeptly navigating challenges faced by clients. Her acute observational skills and collaborative approach have propelled her to excel as a proactive team player, consistently honing her skills to maintain a competitive edge.

Her innate ability to establish meaningful partnerships and navigate intricate challenges marks her as an indispensable asset. Her unwavering commitment to maintaining a competitive edge through constant refinement and keen observation aligns seamlessly with Lamer Capital’s quest for excellence. In Jyoti, the company finds not only an expert in client relations but a trailblazer who embodies foresight, tenacity, and a resolute pursuit of exceptional service.