Our Team

Kush Goel

Chairman of Board

Kush Goel is a dynamic entrepreneur and businessman with 13 years of diverse experience. He possesses a Chartered Accountancy Certification, which has fueled his self-motivation to seek out new opportunities in the financial industry. He has worked with globally renowned brands such as Deloitte, KPMG, and Grant Thornton. Kush has transitioned into the family business, assuming the role of Director, and once again, delved into the intricacies of trading and manufacturing industry. Leveraging his demonstrated financial acumen, leadership abilities, and analytical skills, he expanded his horizons by venturing into the UAE’s Financial Market. Subsequently, he co-founded Lamer Capital Limited through a collaborative effort with shareholders.

Kush is a prominent shareholder of Lamer Capital Limited. With a deep commitment to the company’s success and a passion. Kush has played an integral role in shaping the future of our organization. As a shareholder, Kush has made significant contributions to the success of Company. Their unwavering support and strategic insights have helped the company achieve milestones. Kush’s vision for the company aligns with our long-term goals, making them an essential part of our success story.