Our Team

Manan Kejriwal

Research Associate

Manan Kejriwal is a dedicated Research Associate with a wealth of knowledge about the intricacies of the financial world. Graduating as a Gold Medalist in BBA from Amity University Dubai, Manan’s academic foundation is complemented perfectly by his practical expertise.

In his current role at Lamer Capital Limited, Manan’s prowess in research and his keen eye for detail come to the fore. He leverages his analytical skills and inquisitive nature to contribute valuable insights to the company’s strategic decision-making processes. His drive and financial acumen contribute immensely to the company’s success.

Manan’s academic journey is adorned by his pursuit of a CFA Level 2 candidacy, a testament to his commitment to continuous learning and professional growth. His experience as a Financial Analyst during an internship and his prior role as a Finance Intern at Fractal Systems UAE have further enriched his skill set, providing him with a solid foundation in the intricacies of the financial domain.

As Manan continues to make his mark in the realm of finance, his vibrant blend of expertise and passions is poised to propel Lamer Capital Limited toward greater insights, innovation, and success. His analytical rigor, fueled by an insatiable love for knowledge, epitomizes the spirit of curiosity that defines the financial world’s best minds.