Our Team

Shweta Arora

Investor Relations

Shweta Arora is a seasoned professional renowned for her adeptness in both investor relations and banking customer service. Her diverse skill set encompasses a strong foundation in the banking industry, providing her with a comprehensive understanding of financial products, regulatory frameworks, and customer service best practices.

Shweta’s track record shines with a consistent delivery of exceptional customer experiences, attributed to her exceptional communication skills and capacity to forge robust client relationships. Her journey at Lamer Capital Limited is marked by her instrumental role in investor relations, where her strategic communication and keen understanding of financial markets contribute to maintaining transparency and building trust among stakeholders.

Shweta’s illustrious career trajectory began with her stint at Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC), where she played a pivotal role in handling cash operations and customer service functions. Notably, her exceptional contributions were recognized with customer appreciation featured in HSBC’s internal accolades. She further advanced her career at Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) as a Relationship Officer. Her subsequent roles at esteemed institutions such as Commercial Bank International and RAK Bank further solidified her prowess in customer service and sales.

Shweta holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Bangalore University, a foundation that has enriched her understanding of financial dynamics and contributes to her holistic perspective in investor relations. With a keen aptitude for managing intricate financial inquiries, resolving challenges, and offering tailored solutions, she has consistently garnered praise from clients. Shweta’s profound grasp of financial markets, strategic communication, and corporate reporting equips her to effectively convey the organization’s value proposition and uphold transparency with investors.

Merging her banking customer service acumen with her investor relations finesse, Shweta brings a distinctive perspective and a holistic approach to achieving both customer satisfaction and investor confidence. Her dynamic skill set makes her an invaluable asset at Lamer Capital, capable of steering tremendous growth and positive change.